Our Wish List

 Wii Games (Just Dance, Bowling, etc)

Gift Cards to local restaurants like Incredible Pizza, Olive Garden, McDonalds

Gift Cards to local movies, bowling, zoo, theaters

Gift Cards to HEB

Financial Support

Give the gift of hope to children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Club Wish Lists

  • Gardening Club

Gardening gloves – 12 pairs
Windowsill planters
Medina Soil Activator
Medina Hasta Grow

  • Beauty Club

Combs & brushes
Hair gel, hairspray, shampoo
Bobby pins, pony tail holders
Flat iron, curling iron, blow dryer
Nail polish, file, buffer, dowel
Nail polish remover, cotton balls
Mascara, eye liner, eye shadow
Lip gloss, lipstick
Face powder, blush
Cleaner for brushes

  • Arts & Crafts Club

Construction paper, foam sheets, tissue paper (assorted colors)
Glue -all purpose, fabric
Paint, water colors, crayons, markers
Fabric paint
Paint brushes
Craft stamps
Craft jewels
Beads and sequins
Cotton Balls
T-Shirts (quantity: 9)Board Games (Connect Four, Bingo, etc)
Glue sticks
Access to computer and colored printer
Card stock (white and colored)
Envelopes (variety of sizes)
Library pockets/envelopes
Zipper type plastic bags (variety of sizes)
Buttons (larger sizes in a variety of colors)
Beads (variety of sizes and colors)
Clothes pins regular and colored
Colored blocks
Fuzzy balls/Pipe cleaners/Craft sticks
Poker chips
File boxes (variety of sizes)
Index cards (variety of sizes)/Index card dividers (numbers, letters, months)
File folders (plain and colored)
Golf tees
Plastic utensils and utensil sorters


Shoeboxes with lids
Containers of assorted sizes with and without lids (coffee, Pringles, butter, yogurt, etc.)
Shallow trays
Egg cartons
Empty pill bottles
Plastic containers that Lean Cuisine and other frozen dinners come in.
Ice cube trays
Measuring cups/lids that come on liquid laundry /or powder detergent
Any type of plastic jar /containers with lid (ie diaper wipes, clorox wipes, etc)
Muffin type containers

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