Two New Key Concepts

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The Arc Academy and Level 2 Day HabilitationAt the May 10th Community Breakfast, Steve Enders presented two key concepts, The Arc Academy and Level 2 Day Habilitation Program:

The Arc Academy
Create a diverse schedule of activities in the community, with choices on subjects, times, & locations, for individuals with skills that need continued development (the “Arc Academy”)
• Similar to community continuing education courses
• Small groups of 6-8 participants per course with two instructors (at least one degreed)
• Varying times and days, but generally 1-2 days per week for 8-10 weeks duration (3-4 hours per session)
• Use of different venues and settings dependent on course subject:

• General life skills • Community service • Arts/crafts • Gardening/landscaping
• Computers/technology • Drama/theatre • Culinary/food preparation/nutrition
• Fitness/sports/health • Many other possibilities

Level 2 Day Habilitation Program
This program would be especially attractive to parents of young adults with an autism spectrum disorder or related disorders, who require a more structured environment with the availability of more personal space.

Key Components:
• Staffing ratios of 1:4 with at least one degreed staff per room
• Extra personal space and assistance to effectively engage participants in activities and learning
• Smaller class size to reduce distractions/disruptions
• Special room configuration

Next step:
We see the need for more services in San Antonio. Over 100 young adults with disabilities will graduate from high school this year. Parents in San Antonio who are looking for community-based programs to provide services for their young adults. But to do this, we need support and funding to start our pilot programs. Our dreams are only realized by your support.


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