The Arc’s Summer Jamborees, Fantastic Gifts for Dad, Superior Superheroines and a Majestic Musical Icon!

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“The Arc’s Summer Jamborees, Fantastic Gifts for Dad, Superior Superheroines and a Majestic Musical Icon!”

 Hi, everyone! I hope that everybody is having a spectacular start to their summer vacation as we did at The Arc. The Arc Participants had a great start to this year’s summer because they began swimming in the pool at The Arc of San Antonio / The Pam Stephens’ Center on Wurzbach Road.  Since 2011, every week in the summer season, a certain group of Participants are taken to The Arc’s pool, so they can have fun in the San Antonio Summer sun. I love seeing my friends having fun swimming around in The Arc’s pool.

In the week before Father’s Day which was on Sunday, June 16th, I helped my friends make Father’s Day cards and gifts with the help of The Arc Staff Members to give to the special men in their lives. Also, The Arc had a Father’s Day barbecue on Friday, June 14th for the Participants and their parents and guardians. I used my communicator, (with the help of YouTube) to read the books, The Berenstain Bears: We Love Our Dad! by Stan, Jan, and Mike Berenstain and How to Surprise a Dad by Jean Reagan.

During the week of Monday, June 17th, some of the Participants and I made summer inspired arts and crafts such as Finger-Painted Beach Ball Paper Plate Arts and Crafts to celebrate the start of the summer season on that day. I read, Arthur’s Family Vacation by Marc Brown, Pete the Cat at the Beach by James Dean, The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Vacation! by Stan and Jan Berenstain and Froggy Goes to Camp by Jonathan London. During the week of Monday, June 17th, The Arc Participants and Staff Members had a Summer Inspired Classroom Door Decorating Contest. 

This month is a big deal for me and other fans of the Japanese animated television shows, Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal. Sailor Moon is a 1992 Japanese anime television series produced by Toei Animation. The Japanese comic book of the same name is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary this year.  To celebrate this fact, I asked my mom to paint a golden crescent moon on my forehead and I wore one of my favorite T-shirt with my favorite superheroine of all time; Sailor Moon.  Usagi Tsukino (pronounced: ooh-saw-gee, sue-key-no) / Sailor Moon is a fictional superheroine who is also the protagonist and titular character in the Sailor Moon manga (pronounced: mung-ga) Japanese comic book series written by Naoko Takeuchi. She is introduced in chapter #1, “Usagi – Sailor Moon”, originally published in Japan’s Nakayoshi manga on December 28th, 1992, as a carefree schoolgirl (born on June 30th) who can transform into Sailor Moon, the de facto leader of the Sailor Guardians (a group of superheroines that are sworn to protect Earth that each individual has a planetary name and power, as Sailor Mars, etc.) She is initially believed to be an Earthling, but is later revealed to be the reincarnated princess of the moon kingdom named the Silver Millennium. She later discovers her original birth name, Princess Serenity. In the Sailor Moon manga and anime (Japanese animation) series, Usagi meets Luna, a talking black cat with a crescent shaped moon birth mark on her forehead (the golden crescent moon, was worn by all of the people in the Moon Kingdom’s royal family or associates) who is a devoted servant to Princess Serenity and advisor to her mother in her previous life, Queen Serenity. When the moon kingdom falls, she and another white cat advisor named Artemis are put into a long sleep and sent down to Earth to look after the Sailor Guardians, who are to be reborn there. Part of Luna’s memory becomes suppressed, so that she must find the Sailor Guardians. She first encounters Usagi Tsukino and teaches her to become Sailor Moon, unaware that it is actually the reincarnated Princess Serenity. Luna also provides the Guardians with many of their special items, such as transformation wands. Luna discovers that Usagi is destined to save Earth from the forces of evil and gives her a brooch to transform into Sailor Moon, and asks her to form the Sailor Guardians, find their princess and protect the Legendary Silver Crystal. The Silver Crystal possesses tremendous power, capable of reviving an entire world from ruin, but the strain of using such power often costs the user her life – as the power actually derives from the life force of the Moon Dynasty, the members of which alone can actually use it. As Usagi matures, she becomes one of the universe’s powerful warriors and protects her adopted home planet, Earth, from villains who wish to harm it. Usagi is depicted as carefree and cheerful when at ease but quickly serious and strategic-minded when fighting.

A Sailor Moon fan is called a “Moonie.” I fell in love with the Sailor Moon animated series back in 1995 when I was living in North Carolina. I have the dolls, books, movies, posters, practically anything about Sailor Moon. In 2014, the rest of the world’s Moonies and I were ecstatic when we learned that Japan was releasing an internet animation adaptation of the manga series of Sailor Moon written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi and produced in commemoration of the original series’ twentieth anniversary. Produced by Toei Animation, the series was streamed worldwide from July 5th, 2014 to July 18th, 2015. New episodes were released twice a month. Instead of remaking the 1992–97 anime series preceding it, Toei produced Sailor Moon Crystal as a reboot of Sailor Moon and as a more faithful adaptation of the manga by omitting much of the original material from the first anime. The first episode had an advanced screening on June 30th, 2014 to celebrate Usagi’s birthday.

 Most Western audiences were introduced to Usagi appearing in the Sailor Moon anime, itself an adaptation of the manga series. Sailor Moon’s critical reception has been largely positive and she is recognized as one of the most important and popular superheroines of all time.

 To end my blog for June 2019, I would like to let everyone read the poem that I wrote for The Arc’s sixth Talent Show (in August 2009) to honor the late pop singer, Michael Jackson. This year will mark the tenth anniversary on Tuesday, June 25th of Michael Jackson’s tragic passing.  I have been a huge fan of Michael Jackson since I was an itty-bitty little girl and I felt compelled to write the poem to show my love for one of the most famous singers on Earth. All Hail the King of Pop: A Tribute to Michael Jackson.

 In 1958 in Gary, Indiana, you were born the seventh child to Katherine and Joseph. You came and changed our world, just like in the movies. In 1969, when you were young, you were the cutest part of the Jackson 5. You and your brothers taught us that ABC was as easy as 1,2,3, and you told us “Just call my name and I’ll be there.” Later on, in 1972, you told us about your friend by the name of Ben.  In 1978, you eased on down the road with Dorothy (Diana Ross) as the scarecrow in the movie, The Wiz. In 1979, When you started living off the wall, you made all the pretty young things want to rock with you, all night.  In 1982, you and the moonwalk became a thriller to millions of people. You were the first African-American to be shown on MTV with a glowing sidewalk and everything! You were so cool that in 1984, President Regan declared you to be an American role model. You set the highest record for a pop star, and to this day, no one can beat it. When 1985 came, you wanted to do more with your fame and fortune. You wanted to heal the world and end hunger. And so, you and that one glove co-wrote with Paul McCarthy a song for forty-five artists and raised forty-four million dollars. In 1987, you proved that you weren’t just bad; you were also a smooth criminal. After that, it didn’t matter whether the man in the mirror was black or white, we just can’t stop loving you. Do you remember the time in 1991 that you taught Michael Jordan how to jam? I do. You rocked my world with that video and many others. Even though, because of human nature, on June 25th, 2009, your fans sit around with their heads hanging down, wondering why did you go, and leave our world so cold and saying he’s gone too soon. Something whispers in our ears and says he’s not alone. He is with the souls that have passed on before him and they welcome him with open arms. Even though you are far away; your music is here to stay and you are always in my heart.

 Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope that everyone will have a sensational summer. To all of my fellow Moonies in the world always remember that the moonlight is the message of love!

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