The Arc’s Outstanding October Activities and an Elegant Halloween as Princess Elena

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“The Arc’s Outstanding October Activities and an Elegant Halloween as Princess Elena”

Hi, everyone! I’m so excited that it was my second favorite time of the year to be at The Arc (next to the month of December.) I love all of the Halloween themed activities and arts and crafts that we do at The Arc during October. We do so many cool Halloween activities that I have to wait until November 1st to send out the October Newsletter so I can include everything.

This year, I chose to be Princess Elena of Avalor. A confident and compassionate teenager in an enchanted fairytale kingdom inspired by diverse Latin cultures and folklore.

The new age of the Disney Princesses are sure of their selves. They’re very confident and they go after whatever it is that they want. So far, I have been Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid (1989) and Queen Elsa from Frozen (2013) and most recently Princess Merida from Walt Disney’s 2012 animated movie, Brave.

Elena of Avalor is a production of the Disney Television Animation that premiered in July 2015. The show is about sixteen-year-old Crown Princess Elena. She is a bold, caring, funny and clever ascendant to the throne in the fairytale kingdom of Avalor. Princess Elena’s journey began long ago when her parents and kingdom were taken from her by the evil sorceress, Shuriki.  Elena bravely faced the sorceress to protect her little sister, Princess Isabel, and grandparents but in the process, her magical amulet pulled her inside its enchanted jewel, saving her life but imprisoning her at the same time.  Decades later, Princess Sofia of Enchancia (from Disney Television Animation’s Sofia the First) discovers the truth about the amulet she has worn since joining her royal family and sets out to restore Elena to her human form and help her return to the kingdom of Avalor.

I automatically fell in love with Elena because her personality is so close to my own.  I loved dressing up like Princess Elena because she’s a part of the new generation of Disney Princesses. My mom made my Halloween costume of Elena’s ball gown. I bought Elena’s tiara, a toy version of Princess Elena’s magical Scepter of Light, which sings and glows and a toy version of a Jaquin named Skylar. A magical flying creature which looks like a half-macaw half-jaguar. large wings, fan-shaped tail feathers, tufts of plumage and fur, dark brown nose. Skylar has golden fur, blue spots feathers and turquoise eyes. They support Elena as she learns how to rule her kingdom.

This month, I read Halloween stories to my fellow Arc Participants. I used my communicator, (with the help of YouTube) to read the books, Mickey’s Spooky Night by Chris Smith, The Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Ghost of the Forest by Stan and Jan Berenstain, Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds, The Hallo-Wiener by Dav Pilkey and Hey! That’s my Monster by Amanda Noll.

On Friday, October 13th, The Arc Participants had a Halloween Classroom Door Decorating Contest. My classroom named “The Press Club” (we’re responsible for making the informational flyers that are passed out and sent home with the Participants. Updating the bulletin boards around The Arc. Also, keeping the other classrooms informed about the activities that go on during the week.) I was so excited to be able to celebrate a Friday the 13th in October that I got a new Halloween headband with a purple spider on it. I named her Charlotte! I’m very proud to say that our class won the second-place certificate! Our door was decorated as the bedroom door of the character of the little girl named “Boo” from Disney / Pixar’s animated 2001 movie, Monsters Inc. Our decoration theme was, “Boo’s Monsters Inc. Masquerade.” With a 3D “Boo” in her monster costume.

The Arc Participants and Staff Members felt very lucky to be able to start their Halloween activities on this supposedly unlucky day.

Later on, when I was at home with my mom, we watched the seventh installment of the Child’s Play movie franchise, Cult of Chucky. I have been a big fan of this movie franchise since I was little girl. My favorite in the series is Bride of Chucky. I can’t wait for the next installment!

On Tuesday, October 17th, the CSCM and CLASS Case Managers and Administrative Staff Members that work in the upstairs offices had a Halloween Office Decoration Contest. Some of the Press Club Participants were the Halloween Office Decoration Judges.

My classmate, a V.I.P. Participant, L.T., and I are very happy to say that the First Place Certificate was awarded to the CLASS Case Managers in Class Office A. Arc Staff Members, Ms. Kim F., Ms. Sheila H., Ms. Jane S. and Ms. Kristina L. (CLASS Case Managers) in Class Office A. Their decoration theme was, “Pennywise’s Cursed Carnival.”

The Second Place Certificate was awarded to Ms. Jennifer F. (Development and Communications Coordinator) Her theme was, “Ursula the Unicorn’s Happy Halloween.”

The Third Place Certificate was awarded to Ms. Pam S. (The Arc’s Director of the Community Outreach Program) Ms. Heather L., (Support Coordinator) and Ms. Edna T. (Family Support Services Case Manager.) Their decoration theme was, “A Dangerously Cheesy Halloween.”

The Honorable Mention Certificate was awarded to Ms. Brooke K., (Director of CSCM and Community Education) Ms. Allison C. and Ms. Jessica F. (CSCM Case Managers) Their decoration theme was,  “The Itsy-Bitsy Spiders Sit in their Little Wicked Web.”

All of the CSCM and CLASS Case Managers and Administrative Staff Members had a great time celebrating the Halloween season and decorating their work areas.

On Thursday, October 19th, my class, my mom and I went to San Antonio’s Zoo. When I was a little girl in Fayetteville, North Carolina, we didn’t have a zoo. We had little places that you could go see animals behind glass. So, when my mom and I moved to San Antonio in 1997, I was unbelievably excited to discover that the city has a large zoo. Over the years, I have been to the San Antonio Zoo with my family and my class at The Arc. My favorite animals to see at the zoo is the elephants. The best part was when a female lion came close enough to the window that my mom got to take an awesome picture of us together. The Arc’s last visit to the San Antonio Zoo, I found out that they had built a carousel. It made me very happy to watch the little children ride the carousel with their families. I finally got to ride the carousel with my mom in a carousel chair shaped as a flamingo.

On Friday October 20th, we had an Arc Class Pumpkin Decorating Contest.  I’m very proud to say that our class won the third-place certificate! Our door was decorated as a giant upside down pistachio ice cone with a Baskin-Robbins label that I made that said “31 Flavors of Press.”

On Sunday, October 29th, my mom and I went to this year’s “Dreams Come True” Halloween Party (for people with disabilities) and Costume Contest at the Midnight Rodeo Dance Club. I was so happy to have the chance to see all of my friends that attended The Arc in past years.

Later on, when I was at home with my mom, we watched It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. My favorite part of the television special is when Linus wakes, Sally furiously yells at him for making her miss the Halloween festivities and she bops him. We also carved our first jack o’ lantern that I named Jack McPumpkins.

To finish up the month of October festivities, the other Arc Participants and I and Staff Members had a delightfully dreadful time at our annual Halloween Dance and Costume Contest on Tuesday, October 31st. I designed the song list of our dance and the individualized Halloween costume certificates for my fellow Participants and Staff Members to win. Even, Ephraim, The Arc’s (on West Avenue) resident slightly spooky ghost had a ghoulishly good time!

So, that was extremely fun and busy with month of October at The Arc of San Antonio!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope that you and your family had a great, dry and safe Halloween!

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