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TamekaIn my last blog, I talked about the monthly newsletter that I write that is sent out to the parents / guardians of the Arc Participants. This time I would like to tell you more about it. I started writing “The Arc Times” newsletter in 2008. I write articles about the activities and events that happen at The Arc.

For example, last month I wrote about The Arc’s eighth annual Life Enrichment Program’s Talent Show, hosted by Arc Staff Member, Leon S. Every year, the Participants choose songs that they will sing and/or dance to in order to win first, second, and third place.

Also, I write the “Special Days” article, in which I talk about holidays that the Arc Participants and staff members celebrate. For example, August 1st was the forty-ninth anniversary of the creation of the comic book character, Spider-Man. Some of the Participants (with the help of the staff members in their classrooms) went onto the Internet and read the biography of Stan Lee, the creator of Spider-Man.

Another part of “The Arc Times” newsletter is the article named “Who is on Megan’s Mind?” which is reported by (my friend) Arc Participant, Megan W. In the article, Megan writes down questions and interviews different Arc staff members to find out more about them. The photographs that you see in the newsletter are taken (with my camera) by the staff members and my friend, Arc Participant, Ruth W.

After I finish putting together the newsletter, I e-mail it to the Program Coordinator for the Life Enrichment Program, Ms. Maryela “Mer” G. and she sends the newsletter out. I really enjoy being the writer / editor of “The Arc Times” newsletter. It makes me feel like I’m speaking for some of the Arc Participants who may not be able to tell people what goes on at the Arc…and that gives me a good feeling.

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