The Arc and Trinty University Host a Special Camp

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POSTED BY KSAT NEWS/David Sears: 7/16/2013

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SAN ANTONIO –Trinity University is opening one of their dorms to summertime students for a week-long learning experience.

The program does not involve regular summer school classes — instead, they are classes designed for their guests.

Trinity has teamed up with ARC, an organization that focuses on helping kids and adults with learning disabilities.

The “Summer on the Hill” experience is for kids with Asperger and Down syndromes.

“I am liking being here. I have all my friends here,” said Sam McDonald, a second-year attendee.

“It helps me see the kind of environment I would be living in, the kind of activities I would be doing,” said Gabi Rodriguez, a second-year attendee.

The kids stay in one of the dorms complete will all the amenities: refrigerator, microwave, even an unmade bed.

The kids begin their day at 7:30 a.m. and go until 10 p.m.

They learn technology and even had a media day where they were introduced to a KSAT 12 News live truck.

They get lessons on social skills and resumes. There is a talent show and, of course, fun, movies and pool time.

There are five Trinity students who become friends and mentors to the kids.

“It gives me perspective and shows me different aspects of life,” said Emma Willhoite, a Trinity student volunteer. “It shows a completely different side to education.”

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