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TamekaHello, everyone. My name is Tameka H.  I am twenty-eight years old and I have been a participant at the Arc of San Antonio since 2006. Also, I am the editor and writer of “The Arc Times” monthly newsletter that is sent out to the parents / guardians of the Arc participants. I use a communication device and I have Cerebral Palsy.  Cerebral Palsy is a ailment that affects body movement, posture, and speech.

I’m writing this blog to tell you about the programs at the Arc. The Arc’s Life Enrichment Program helps its participants maintain skills that they learned in school. Such as: reading, math, and how to be social with their peers. The Arc has different clubs that certain participants belong to.

The Cooking Club that is ran by Arc staff member, Rhonda L. which teaches the participants how to measure ingredients and how to read recipes.

The Beauty Club, which is ran by Arc staff members, Shawntye P. and Staci D., learn how to make theirselves feel beautiful by putting on make up, nail polish, and getting their hair styled. The Arc’s Beauty Club Motto is “The Arc’s Beauty Club’s mission is to make ourselves and others feel good about theirselves and their appearance.”

The Arts and Crafts Club, which is run by Arc staff member, Tiffany V., teaches the Arc participants how to be creative individuals. For example, during this year’s Fiesta celebration the Arts and Crafts Club made and sold Casarones to help raise funds to purchase more arts and crafts supplies.

And the newest Arc Club, the Sports Club, which is ran by Arc staff member, Benny D. uses playing football, basketball, and other sports, teaches the participants about exercising and being healthy.

The Arc’s Life Enrichment Program participants also go on outings into the community to practice being apart of society. We go to places such as: Clay Casa, where we get to make pottery, America’s Incredible Pizza, (my favorite place) where we get to play games with our friends and the Magik Theatre where we go to watch great plays like, “Charlotte’s Web” based on the book by E.B. White.

The Arc of San Antonio is a wonderful place to come for someone who has been born with delevopemental and/or physical disabilities. Being surrounded by friendship and happy, helpful, and caring staff members makes the Arc a very loving environment.

I thank Heaven each day that I have a place like the Arc to go to.

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