Paving The Way For Independence

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When a child is diagnosed with a learning, intellectual or developmental disability, life immediately stops and switches gears for the family. A hunt begins for answers, cures and programs that are available for children with disabilities. Unfortunately, this becomes a daunting task as there are a host of medical, community and funding resources available depending on a child’s needs.

Fortunately, families don’t have to navigate this confusing realm of acronyms, abbreviations and medical terminology alone. The Arc of San Antonio’s Comprehensive School-Based Case Management (CSCM) program is here to serve as the liaison between families and the array of resources available to help prepare them and their child.

Our CSCM case managers help families navigate the network of service providers in their area and act as advocates to serve the best interests of the child. Whether parents have questions about financial assistance, area programs their child can participate in, or family resources, The Arc’s CSCM program is here to guide them throughout the entire process.

The Arc of San Antonio’s CSCM program is available to everyone. The program is contracted with the Texas Department of State Health Services and is open to serve children (3-21) who have private insurance, Medicaid or no funding at all. From start to finish, the CSCM program’s primary goal is to transition families from a high level of dependency on case managers to greater independence and self-advocacy.

If you know someone who would benefit from the CSCM program, please let them know The Arc of San Antonio is here to help. Contact Liz Perez by phone at (210)490-4300 ext. 103.

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