Adult Life Enrichment

In the Arc's Adult Life Enrichment Program, we build upon the education that our participants received while in the school system by providing community and site-based programming at two facilities.

Our domain-based curriculum focuses on strengthening life-skills within an environment conducive to growth and socialization. Many things set The Arc apart as a premier provider of direct-care services, some of which include: Full-Time Nursing staff, which allows us to care for individuals needing more physical assistance and to provide an educational focus on healthy lifestyle choices, a fleet of accessible vehicles, which help facilitate community-based programming, and a Volunteer Involvement Program, which allows our participants to serve the community through partnerships with Meals on Wheels, The San Antonio Food Bank, local animal shelters, and more! 

The Arc provides behavioral support services for our Life Enrichment Program participants on an individual basis and works with individual Arc participants to address and modify behaviors that may be problematic for the participant and their families.

The overall goal of behavior supports is to improve the quality of life for the individual. Behavior supports will utilize the application of applied behavior analysis and target socially significant behaviors. Those targets are identified as a result of a thorough assessment (i.e. skill or behavioral) and could address areas such as:

  • Functional communication (i.e. development and utilization of a communication system);
  • Social Skills (i.e. initiating and reciprocating greetings, sharing/turn-taking with others, accepting no, waiting);
  • Daily Living Skills (i.e. wiping tables, identifying the value of currency, washing dishes, preparing a meal);
  • Behavior enhancement procedures (i.e. increasing compliance, increasing participation in activities)
  • Behavior reduction procedures (i.e. decreasing incidents of aggression, classroom disruptions, verbal outbursts).

All behavioral interventions are individualized and aim to increase functional living skills.

  • Must be diagnosed with a intellectual and/or developmental disability (I/DD)
  • Must be 18 or over
  • Must not exhibit aggressive behavior or be a danger to themselves or others
  • Must not be at high risk for elopement (running away)
  • Must not be medically fragile or need extensive medical care (diapering, toileting, and tube-feeding are accepted)
  • Must be able to handle reasonably crowded or stimulating environments in the community


For More Information Contact:

Melissa Fisher - Director of Adult Life Enrichment

210-490-4300 ext. 114






Reading, sight-word games and vocabulary expansion focusing on current events, holidays, and traditions. We use hard copy print materials as well as iPads and Apple TV technology during this domain. Materials and activities are customized for the many different reading levels of our participants.

Number Sense

Number recognition,  basic math functions, and real-world application of number skills such as currency.

Cooking & Exploration

Exposure to hands on scientific experiments as well as cooking activities. This domain integrates gardening activities with cooking and healthy eating/lifestyle choices. It works on the social aspect of sharing with peers, and learning recipes that can be re-created at home.

Community & Social Skills

Learning about the San Antonio community (rodeo, fiesta, etc), as well as exposure to different locales within the community and how to act, dress, and communicate with others. Emphasis on practicing and modeling good social skills/etiquette, home safety, and healthy relationships.


This domain focuses on everyday tasks such as: Washing hands. Folding clothes. Doing dishes. Identifying cookware.

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