Adult Life Enrichment

The individuals served in this program are encouraged to develop their unique talents and interests through experiential learning opportunities. Carefully coordinated activities are presented in both on-site and community based settings, empowering each individual to identify and work towards personal goals and aspirations.

This program stands apart from other day activity programs in a variety of ways:

  • Individuals are given the opportunity to explore their community regularly using our small fleet of accessible vehicles. At present, we are operating over 100 outings each month to local restaurants, recreational activities, and volunteer initiatives.
  • The robust Volunteer Involvement Program empowers our individuals to strengthen their community through partnerships with local agencies such as Meals on Wheels, the San Antonio Food Bank, Ronald McDonald House, and more!
  • The Arc partners with many institutions of higher education, offering rotation hours for medical students and collaborating on various projects with individuals in fields such as: nursing, dental hygiene, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.
  • We are able to support the needs of individuals requiring more physical assistance and who may be classified as medically fragile.

At The Arc, we know that in order to provide excellent services, you have to have a great team of staff. To that end, we constantly invest in staff training that will expand their toolkits to enable them to provide quality and innovative care to the individuals in our programs. We value a community of continuous learning and partner with subject matters experts who provide trainings on a variety of topics such as: basic medical supports, positive behavior supports, and emergency preparedness.

    • Have a diagnosis of an intellectual and/or developmental disability (I/DD), autism spectrum, or dual diagnosis with I/DD
    • Be over the age of 18
    • Have state program funding or the ability to pay privately for program fees

For More Information Contact:

Elisa Williams - Client Coordinator

210-490-4300 ext. 119






Reading, sight-word games and vocabulary expansion focusing on current events, holidays, and traditions. We use hard copy print materials as well as iPads and Apple TV technology during this domain. Materials and activities are customized for the many different reading levels of our participants.

Number Sense

Number recognition,  basic math functions, and real-world application of number skills such as currency.

Cooking & Exploration

Exposure to hands on scientific experiments as well as cooking activities. This domain integrates gardening activities with cooking and healthy eating/lifestyle choices. It works on the social aspect of sharing with peers, and learning recipes that can be re-created at home.

Community & Social Skills

Learning about the San Antonio community (rodeo, fiesta, etc), as well as exposure to different locales within the community and how to act, dress, and communicate with others. Emphasis on practicing and modeling good social skills/etiquette, home safety, and healthy relationships.


This domain focuses on everyday tasks such as: Washing hands. Folding clothes. Doing dishes. Identifying cookware.

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