Our Fantastic Fall and Football Festivities

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“Our Fantastic Fall and Football Festivities”

Hi, everyone! Here is what we did in the sensational month of September at The Arc.

The other Arc Participants and I and Staff Members would like to say thank you to the Alamo Area   Law Enforcement officers for having a meeting session at the AACOG (Alamo Area Council of Governments) Main Office on Thursday, September 7th.             This session was an opportunity to promote positive police interaction between law enforcement and individuals in the IDD Community. Law Enforcement and our folks had the opportunity to interact and learn from each other in order to educate that despite our differences, we all want to live in a safe community. We hope to continue this program through 2018.The Arc Participants and Staff Members truly appreciate the Alamo Area Law Enforcement’s service to our community. I love seeing my friends getting to sit in police cars and learning how to handcuff someone, in this case, it was an Arc Staff member named Benny D.

On Wednesday, September 13th, The Arc Staff Members, the other Arc Participants and I wore our favorite NFL jerseys to celebrate the start of the 2017 NFL football season and The Arc’s football themed week.  I was so proud of my home state team: the Carolina Panthers for making it to the Super Bowl L (50) in 2016 that I bought an “I bleed black, blue, and silver! Go Carolina!” T-shirt to wear to The Arc. I also wore my heart shaped football necklace and my mom decorated my wheelchair with football stickers.

I used my communicator, (with the help of YouTube) to read the books, “Mouse’s First Fall” by Lauren Thompson and “Clifford’s First Autumn” by Norman Bridwell.

Being a part of my classroom named “The Press Club,” my fellow classmates and I read books to the other classrooms at The Arc. I love using my communicator to read audiobooks about the recent or upcoming holidays.

In the month of September, some of the other Arc Participants and I celebrated the beginning of the fall season on Friday, September 22nd. The Participants made Fall Hats and Scarecrow Paper Dolls Arts and Crafts. We made fall leaves etchings where we use a crayon to transfer the image of the leaf to a piece of paper and frame it with Popsicle sticks. The Classrooms got ready for the upcoming fall decoration contest on Thursday, September 28th. I made the certificates and organized the information. It was a fabulous fall month!

I used my communicator, (with the help of YouTube) to read the books, “Goodnight Football” by Michael Dahl and “Dino Football” by Lisa Wheeler.

The Arc is so thankful to have such amazing support from the KSAT 12 Channel News and we want to send a huge thank you to Adam Caskey (Meteorologist) for a fantastic Arc thermometer! We love it so much and will showcase it proudly in our lobby for everyone to enjoy. Achievers of the Year Awards Banquet on Wednesday, October 4th at Morgan’s Wonderland at 6:30. Mr. Adam Caskey will once again be co-emcee. Mr. Adam has generously agreed to not only be our co-emcee for our upcoming Achievers of the Year Banquet, but will also be our new emcee at our annual Roses & Races Gala on Derby Day on Saturday, May 5th, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa.

To everybody that reads my blog, I truly wished that you’re safe and sound with your family and friends during this troubled time in our world.

Please remember that every storm has a rainbow at the end of it and I hope that your rainbow will come soon.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope that you have a very fortunate fall season.



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