New Year and New Resolutions

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TamekaHello to everyone! I hope that everyone had a happy holiday with their friends and family members and a great New Year’s Day.

Now that all of the Arc Participants are back at the Arc, we decided to talk about what we did on the New Year’s holidays and our resolutions.  During my New Year’s holiday vacation, I drank eggnog and watched a marathon of the 1960’s science fiction television show “The Twilight Zone.”  My favorite episodes are “It’s a Good Life” (where a little boy named Anthony has psychic powers and banishes people to a cornfield) and “A Most Unusual Camera” (where three people steal a camera that takes pictures five minutes into the future).

This New Year’s eve, I was really thankful to not be in the hospital and sick like I was last year.

My New Year’s resolution is to finish writing the children’s story that I’m working on. The story is about a little girl named Holly, who has Cerebral Palsy, and helps Santa Claus deliver gifts around the world.

Also, it’s time for the staff members to vote one of their co-workers as the “Staff Member of the Quarter.”  Every three months, this award will be given to any Arc Staff Member that has a positive work attitude, produces a positive environment for his or her classroom, and is a team player for all of his or her co-workers and the Arc Participants.  The Participants can’t wait to see who wins the next “Staff Member of the Quarter” award.


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