Let’s Make A Difference

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BandTIn this blog, I want to introduce everybody to my best friend in Texas, Bertha J. She created the “Let’s Make a Difference” Club in the Fall of 2012. Her vision for the club is for individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities to reach out into their community and offer knowledge and understanding of people dealing with their disabilities. Bertha realized how important starting this club was because she knows how difficult living with a disability. Bertha has a disability named Cerebral Palsy.

Cerebral Palsy is a disability that affects thousands of people each year. It’s not contagious, which means you can’t catch it.  Some kids with Cerebral Palsy or C.P. use wheelchairs and others walk with the help of crutches or braces. In some cases, a person’s speech may be affected or the person might not be able to speak at all.

Bertha and I became friends in 2005 at Camp C.A.M.P. (Children’s Association for Maximum Potential) A camp for people with special needs.

Bertha, I, and her fellow “Let’s Make a Difference” Club Members are trying to be advocates for those individuals who can’t speak for themselves.

We want to bring an awareness to people who don’t have disabilities they are the same as everyone else.

I helped Bertha of organize her “Let’s Make a Difference” Club and she made me the Vice President of the club.

Bertha is a great person and best friend. See is a funny person to be around. She likes the same type of music and movies as I do. We even have the same electric wheelchair (except my wheelchair is purple) I have someone that is on my level.

I’m very proud of her.  You can see us in our You Tube Video: Best Friends 

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