Joyful June

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June 2015Hi, everybody! I hope that you’re had a joyful month of June. Due to the fact that I am recuperating from my gallbladder removal surgery, I wasn’t able to attend The Arc in June. But my friends told me that they had learned about the San Antonio Zoo and the San Antonio Aquarium.

During the month of June, The Arc Participants made zoo and aquarium inspired arts and crafts and learned about the San Antonio Zoo and the San Antonio Aquarium to celebrate the fact that the month of June is the National Zoo and Aquarium Month. The Participants learned that what is now known as the San Antonio Zoo began in 1914 when Colonel George Washington Brackenridge, one of the city’s leading citizens, placed bison, deer, monkeys, African lions, and bears on land he had deeded to the city. The land became Brackenridge Park and Golf Course. Colonel George Washington Brackenridge was a philanthropist and a business man during the Civil War. Much about the San Antonio Zoo has changed since Colonel Brackenridge assembled his collection of animals in 1914. In November 1929, two of the first “cageless” exhibits in America. “The ‘Barless’ Bear Terraces” and the “Primate Paradise,” opened, offering visitors extraordinary views of animals. For 101 years, the collective efforts of dedicated individuals have helped the San Antonio Zoo become one of the best in the nation.

When I was a little girl in Fayetteville, North Carolina, we didn’t have a zoo. We had little places that you could go see animals behind glass. So when my mom and I moved to San Antonio in 1997, I was unbelievably excited to discover that the city has a large zoo. Over the years, I have been to the San Antonio Zoo with my family and my class at The Arc. My favorite animals to see at the zoo is the elephants. On The Arc’s last visit to the San Antonio Zoo, I found out that they had built a carousel. It made me very happy to watch the little children ride the carousel with their families.

Also, the Participants learned that the brand new San Antonio Aquarium had its grand opening dates on December 12th and December 17th, 2014 with ribbon cuttings beginning each day. The exhibits at San Antonio Aquarium offer them the opportunity to touch a shark, feel the soft skin of a ray, feed birds in the aviary and get up close and personal with reptiles from the world’s rain forests. The Aquarium also has a “Jurassic Jungle” exhibit that fascinates dinosaur fans. These life-sized dinosaur replicas breathe, blink and roar. The Participants had a great time celebrating the National Zoo and Aquarium Month and learning about their local zoo and aquarium.

In February, my classroom, my mom and I went to the new San Antonio Aquarium. My mom and I had a great time looking at all of the different types of fishes. The greatest highlight of my visit to the Aquarium was meeting an Aquarium employee dressed as a mermaid. Mermaids are my favorite mythical beings because after I watched Walt Disney’s 1989 animated movie, “The Little Mermaid,” I wished to be a mermaid so that someone could perform magic and give me legs to walk with.

Now everyone can read the monthly Newsletters that I proudly write. You can go to my Facebook Page ( and click on my “Monthly Newsletters” Photo Album. Thank you and I hope that everyone had a sensational start to their summer.

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