Fiesta, Fido and Floats– Oh My!

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Hi, everyone! I hope that you and your family members had an absolutely awesome month of April like I had at The Arc.

I’m asking everyone that reads my blog to please donate any arts and crafts supplies or Hobby Lobby gift cards to the Arc. We need crayons, markers, construction paper, etc. If you would like to have more information about donating to the Arc’s Life Enrichment Program, please feel free to contact Ms. Beth Green at: (210) 490-4300 ext. 127.

Back to business.  April is one of my favorite months to be at The Arc, because we have so much fun celebrating Fiesta and other things.   We were treated to a visit from a therapy dog named Cali (a five year-old Golden Retriever) and her owner, Mrs. Vicki C. Cali comes from the Responsible Pet Owners Alliance’s Pet Education, Assistance and Rescue (PEAR) Program: “Paws for Service” which also visits hospitals and nursing homes. The Arc Participants got to pet, talk to, and give dog treats to Cali. Mrs. Vicki C. and Cali’s came just in time to remember the National Pet Day (April 11th) and the 146th anniversary of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or the A.S.P.C.A.

Did you know that the first humane society in North America founded by Henry Bergh on April 10th, 1866. April is also known as A.S.P.C.A. month, if you would like more information about this organization, please go to: Meanwhile at my house, my mom and I found a small white girl puppy, sleeping in our garden. I decided to name the puppy, “Snowflake.” After putting up flyers and looking for the owner, my mom and I decided to give Snowflake to the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services at 4710 State Highway 151, San Antonio, TX 78227, so that she can be adopted into a happy and loving permanent home. I love animals and I want help them in any way that I can. So, if you would like more information about this organization, please go to:

On Thursday, April 5th, the Arc celebrated the Easter holiday by making Easter arts and crafts that I found online, such as, cards, “Bunny Ears” hats and having fun with our friends. On Wednesday, April 18th, all the Arc Participants wore their favorite pajamas to the Arc for “National Wear Your Pajamas to Work” Day. I wore my Mountain Dew pajamas and red slippers. Then, on Friday, April 27th, the Arc celebrated the Fiesta festivities by watching on their classroom’s computers, the “Battle of Flowers” Parade on the website of San Antonio’s local PBS television channel KLRN, with our friends, eating nachos, listening to Mariachi music, hitting piñatas, and dressing in Fiesta clothing. I wore my purple Fiesta shirt and my mini sombrero that I brought from Wal-Mart. I asked my mom to help me decorate my wheelchair by taping a rainbow-colored feather boa (that I brought from the Rodeo) to my tray. The Arc had a classroom Fiesta float building contest.

Since the Fiesta festivities fell within the National Dance Week (Friday, April 20th to Sunday, April 29th) the Participants chose our float themes as: “Dances from Around the World.” Each classroom chose a different dance to represent on their float. I’m very proud to say that the first place winning Fiesta float belongs to Classrooms # 7 and 8. This is my classroom, the V.I.P. Program. The letters: V.I.P. stands for Volunteer Involvement Program. The Participants in the program do things like making note pads, making address labels, and laminating papers for other Arc Staff Members. The classroom is led by Arc Staff Members, Shawntye P., Staci D. and Eddie P. The name for our float was “Hip Hop Hooray!” Our float had hand drawn pictures of hip hop dancers (which were drawn by my classmates) and accompanying music was provided by my communicator. The song we choose was “Hip Hop Hooray” by the 1990’s rap group, Naughty by Nature.

The Arc’s Director of the Community Outreach Program, Mrs. Pam Stephens was the judge for our Fiesta floats. I think that Mrs. Pam Stephens is one of the best staff members at the Arc. She has the ability to look pass someone’s disability and see the true person underneath.

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