Delightful December

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Tameka_and_Santa_2014Hello, everyone! I hope that everyone is having a delightful month of December, just like I and the other Arc Participants are having. This is my favorite time of year to be a Participant at The Arc. I get to spend the holiday season with my friends. On Wednesday, December 3rd, some of The Arc Participants and I and Staff Members wore and brought our  favorite shirts and accessories with Disney characters to celebrate upcoming 113th birthday (on December 5th) of the cartoonist and filmmaker, Walt Disney. I wore my new Queen Elsa shirt from the animated movie, “Frozen.” Walt Disney is a major inspiration to me. He grew an empire of entertainment and enrichment from a seed of imagination. The other Participants and I had a wonderful and delightful Disney Day.

On Thursday, December 4th and Friday, December 5th, groups of The Arc’s V.I.P. Participants (from the West Avenue and Wurzbach Road Arc locations) went to help wrap holiday gifts at The Elf Louise Christmas Project. The Elf Louise Organization is dedicated to providing joy to Bexar County’s less fortunate children. They have over 4,500 volunteers wrap gifts and deliver toys during the Christmas season. Since I couldn’t physically help wrap gifts I felt like giving up my turn to go Elf Louise to another V.I.P. Participant that could wrap gifts was my way of helping the children. I’m very proud to be an Arc V.I.P. Participant. We’re always helping people in need. The V.I.P.S. and I said that we felt so good about being able to make the holidays of the children of their community filled with warm feelings and happiness.

On Wednesday, December 10th, The Arc of San Antonio had a holiday pizza party where each Participant received their gift from an USAA employee. Every year, an USAA employee will buy a Participant a holiday gift that he or she has wished for. I received a San Antonio Spurs 2014 Championship T-shirt. I’m a very huge Spurs fan, so I was excited to get this gift. The Arc of San Antonio is so thankful to the company of USAA, its employees and Santa Claus for making the holiday season, very jolly.

So, that was the delightful month of December and the year of 2014 for The Arc of San Antonio.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  I hope you and your family had a great and safe holiday and a nifty New Year celebration.

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