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Individuality and a sense of community are both key in life. At The Arc, we schedule fun activities designed to build functional living skills, maximize learning potential, and enhance the quality of life.  Here you will find recommended activities for home use and referrals to a plethora of other organizations with online tailored materials for individuals with special needs and caregivers. We will continue to update this over the next few weeks as resources become available.

We are happy to bring our Arc activities to you! Look for your favorite hobby or activity below and try one of our recommended activities! Take a photo, so we can see you in action. Send them to Sarah at We will share them on social media channels, so you can keep in touch with your friends while you are out!

Self-Care: Here are some suggestions to help you (and caregivers) take care of yourself at home:

  • If you like a set schedule, create a routine for yourself.
  • Stay connected.
  • Prioritize healthy choices – eat well and get a little exercise every day.
  • Take breaks from the news and social media.
  • Remember to breathe – download the Calm app and try the breathing exercise a few times a day.

Cooking: Get in the kitchen and help in your own way:  




Science: Explore the universe, our planet, natural history museums, zoos, and more:  

Decorating and crafts: Gather supplies, materials and get creative!

Gardening: Missing your Garden at The Arc? Don’t worry…we are taking care of it, and it will be here when you get back. In the meantime, here are some things you can grow at home:

  • Tasty vegetables to grow in a small space:
  • Plant a pinto bean in some soil, put it by a window, water on M, W and F just a little will do! See how quickly they grow! Try other seeds/beans/legumes you have in your kitchen cabinet.

Board games: Get out board games or a deck of cards and play:

  • Go Fish, Slap Jack, Uno, etc…
  • Make a memory game with pictures you draw! Draw two of the same pictures on the same size of pieces of paper. Make about 6 different sets of pictures – poof you have created your very own memory game! 

Movement: Get moving!

Beauty club: Who doesn’t crave a little pampering and fun?


  • There are more than 300,000 free books from the New York Public Library are available at:
  • Grab your favorite book from the bookshelf and get reading! Share your favorite book with Sarah or Melissa, and we will pass the recommendations along to your friends!

Music: Go to these links to listen or sing along!

Bonus Activity Club for Pet Owners!!

Take a picture and send it or by text to Melissa at 210.381.4433. We’ll put them up in the centers for all to see when you get back!

  • Walk or play with your dog
  • Watch your dog and see how silly they are
  • Teach him/her a trick
  • Tell him/her they are a good dog
  • Draw a picture of your dog


Virtual Tours of National Parks

Virtual Museum Tour 

Georgia Aquarium

Virtual Field Trips 


A list of live virtual concerts:


Great article for adults to help with talking to kids about coronavirus

Audio story for kids, plus printable comic strip

Excellent list of videos, songs, and show segments from Daniel Tiger to Sesame Street helping with a way to keep kids safe and healthy

Free, printable social story about the Coronavirus

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