Awesome August

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Tameka camp

Hi, everybody! I had so much fun in the month of August.

I got to go to Camp C.A.M.P. (Children’s Association for Maximum Potential) with one of my best friends from The Arc. A lot of the other Arc Participants went to Camp the same week as I went.

Camp C.A.M.P. is a special camp for children and adults with disabilities. We went canoeing, did archery, and my favorite, swimming in the pool, everyday. I had a a great time. 

After I got back from Camp, it was time for me to get ready for The Arc’s Tenth Annual Talent Show. My part in the Talent Show is to make the program that will given to parents

The Talent Show Judges were Arc Staff Members, Pam S. (The Arc’s Director of the Community Outreach Services), Heather L. ( Case Worker), and Steve E. (The Arc’s President / C.E.O.) They were awesome in the Talent Show!/ guardians of the Participants in the Talent Show. I also help organize the music that will be used in the Talent Show. This year, the Talent Show was hosted by two Arc Staff Members, Leon S. and Benny D. The Participants in the Talent Show danced and sang to their favorite songs and I took pictures that I will put into the August 2013 Newsletter. I even got a new sparkling purple press hat for the occasion. I’m so proud of all of my friends.) Some of the other Arc Participants and Staff Members helped decorate The Arc’s Gym for the Talent Show.

I hope that everybody that reads my blog had a great August like I had!

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