“August’s Astounding All-Stars and Outstanding Olympic Memories”

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“August’s Astounding All-Stars and Outstanding Olympic Memories”

 I dedicate this month’s blog to the memories of two of my favorite singers, Aaliyah (January 16th, 1979 – August 25th, 2001) and Michael Jackson (August 29th, 1958 – June 25th, 2009)

“At her best (You Are Love)” and I just can’t stop loving him.

I had a very busy and amazing month of August. During the month of August, we celebrated the 31st Summer Olympic Games (from Friday, August 5th to Sunday, August 21st) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We watched portions of the Olympic Games on their classroom computers and Apple televisions and at: www.nbcolympics.com and made their own Olympic inspired arts and crafts, such as: Laurel Leaf Crowns, Olympic Torches, Olympic Rings Banners.

 The other Arc Participants and I learned that in the beginning, a cross-country runner would light the torch at Olympia, Greece and then carries the ignited torch with it’s burning flame throughout the 15 days of the game.  Thousands of runners representing each country between Greece (the home of the Olympics) and the current host country participate in this 4-week torch relay. The newest tradition, which began with the summer Olympics in Los Angeles, CA (USA) was to have the torch carried across the country by people from all walks of life and have it arrive at the stadium just in time for the opening ceremonies.  The flame was lit at the altar by Rafer Johnson, winner of the Decathlon at the 1960 Rome Olympics. The leather handle features a metallic ring and the caption “Games of the 23rd Olympiad Los Angeles 1984” with the Olympic motto, “Citius Altius Fortius” which means swifter, higher, stronger and the picture of the Memorial Coliseum.

We  also learned that the colors of the five interlocking rings represent the five participating continents: Australia, Africa, America, Asia, and Europe. The colors are always arranged with blue, black, and red across the top from left to right, and yellow and green along the bottom. Some suggest that each color stands for a particular continent, but this has not been confirmed. The rings first appeared on the Olympic flag in 1913, designed by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympics.

The United States of America won 121 Olympic medals, 46 of which, were gold. 

 All of The other Arc Participants and I and Staff Members had a great time celebrating the Summer Olympic Games and America’s accomplishments.

 My favorite Olympic Gymnast is named Gabby Douglas. She is already at the top of her game: the Olympian has two gold medals to her name, plus multiple world championships. She was officially selected for the U.S. women’s gymnastics Olympic team and on top of all that, she now has her own doll.

 Long-time toy maker, Mattel, skipped the flowers for Gabby Douglas, and instead celebrated the Olympian’s success at the U.S. gymnastics team’s trials this weekend with a Barbie of her likeness. The 2012 champion couldn’t be more happier.

 “I’m so excited,” Douglas said. “My older sister and I used to play with Barbie dolls and create these dramatic fantasy stories, so it’s such a huge honor.”

 She hopes the kids playing with her doll will take away her number-one lesson for young women and men: Stay true to yourself, and go after your dreams.

 On Friday, August 19th, we had our Thirteenth Annual Talent Show, hosted by The Arc’s Staff Member, Benny D. I love when it’s time for our Talent Show at The Arc of San Antonio! In honor of this year’s 31st Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, each of The Arc Participants received a gold medal and an individualized certificate.

I want to say thank you to Arc Staff Members, Tiffany V. and Linda M. and all of the other Arc Staff Members and Participants for making such entertaining Talent Show Decorations for this year’s Talent Show Theme, “The Arc’s Golden All-Stars Shine!” 

 I wore my white Michael Jackson shirt (my favorite male singer of ALL time) and new my purple and fuchsia jeweled musical note necklace and special purple glittery “Press” member hat that my mom bought back as a gift from Las Vegas, Nevada.  My mom painted my fingernails with golden stars to match my hat. My mom decorated my electric wheelchair with musical notes stickers.

 Since I feel like I can’t be in the Talent Show because of my Cerebral Palsy and speech difficulties, I decided to participate in another way. I made the award certificates for the other Arc Participants. I like choosing special clip art for each Participant. Also, I created the sign-up sheets for The Arc Participants who would like to try out for the Talent Show. This way, the try-outs can be more organized. I also create the acceptance letters for The Arc Participants that are chosen to be in the Talent Show.  I created the Talent Show program that will be given to the parents / guardians that come to the Talent Show. After all of the songs are chosen, I burn them onto one CD so the Talent Show can run smoothly. I have been doing all of these Talent Show papers since 2008.

 The absolutely greatest part of this year’s Talent Show experience is that I also received a gold medal for all of the hard work and dedication that I put into making the Talent Show the amazing event that it is. I appreciate the gold medal so much!

What a wondrous ending to a fantastic Talent Show. I’m so proud of all of my friends! The Arc of San Antonio has very talented and creative Participants and Staff Members.  The other Participants and I can’t wait to do this all again next year!

 I hope that everybody that reads my blog had a great ending to their summer like I had!

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