Astounding August Acts of Talent!

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I dedicate this month’s August 2018 Blog to the memory of one of my favorite singers, Ms. Aretha Franklin (March 25th, 1942 to August 16th, 2018) also known as the Queen of Soul. She taught the world how toshow R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

“Astounding August Acts of Talent!”

Hi, everybody!

 The month of July is the National Wheelchair Beautification Month.  On Wednesday, July 25th, the other Arc Participants and I that are in wheelchairs and walkers decided to decorate our chairs and walkers to have a parade to celebrate the month. I decided to wear a tiara and to decorate my electric wheelchair with Fiesta decorations so that I could be a Fiesta princess. The National Wheelchair Beautification Month was founded by Horace Knowles.

 On Sunday, August 5th, I got to go to Camp C.A.M.P. (Children’s Association for Maximum Potential) with one of my best friends from The Arc. A lot of the other Arc Participants went to Camp the same week as I went.

Camp C.A.M.P. is a special camp in Comfort, Texas for children and adults with disabilities. We went canoeing, did archery, and my favorite, swimming in the pool, every day. I had a great time, even though my visit was cut short by my unfortunate knee fracture injury. Some of The Arc’s CLASS and CSCM Case Managers Staff Members went on a tour of Camp C.A.M.P. on Thursday, July 26th.

 On Friday, August 24th, we had our Fifteenth Annual Talent Show, hosted by The Arc’s Staff Members,

Veronica V. and Lauren H. I love when it’s time for our Talent Show at The Arc of San Antonio! 

 The other Arc Participants and I would to say thank you to Arc Staff Members, Regina F., Diana L., (Life Enrichment Instructors) my fellow Participants in The Arc’s Press Club Classroom and all of the other Arc Staff Members and Participants for making such entertaining decorations for this year’s Talent Show theme, “The Arc’s Beach Bonanza of Talent!”  

The other Participants and I would like to thank The Arc Staff Members Tina C. (Family Support Services Coordinator,) Lucy O. (CSCM Case Manager,) and Elisha B. (CLASS Case Manager) for being such wonderful Talent Show judges.

 I wore my new black Michael Jackson shirt (my favorite male singer of all time) and my purple glittery “Press” member light up hat that my mom bought back as a gift from Las Vegas. My mom painted my fingernails with silver stars to match my hat. My mom decorated my chair and tray with musical notes stickers and mini multi-colored toy saxophones that I discovered at a local Dollar Tree Store. I read the book, (using YouTube with my communicator) Talent Show by Stan and Jan Berenstain.

 Since I feel like I can’t be in the Talent Show because of my Cerebral Palsy and speech difficulties, I decided to participate in the Talent Show in another way. I make the award certificates for the other Arc Participants. I like choosing special clip art for each Participant. Also, I create the sign-up sheets for The Arc Participants who would like to try out for the Talent Show. This way, the try-outs can be more organized. I also created the acceptance letters for The Arc Participants that are chosen to be in the Talent Show.  I created the Talent Show program that was given to the parents / guardians that come to the Talent Show. After all of the songs are chosen, I burn them onto one CD so the Talent Show can run smoothly. I have been the official Talent Show organizer since 2008 and I love doing it!

 So that was another successful Talent Show is in The Arc’s history books! I’m so proud of my friends and grateful to the Staff Members to helping to make the great decorations. The other Participants and I can’t wait to do this all again next year!

 Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope that everyone had a great summer!



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