Wrap The Arc in Cheer 2017


**We are excited to announce that all of our families have been WRAPPED! A huge thank you to our amazing Arc angels for making the holidays brighter for our families!**

The financial strains associated with caring for a family member with an intellectual and/or developmental disability can make the holidays an especially difficult time of the year. YOU can help make this season brighter for some of The Arc’s families in need! We hope that you will consider Wrapping an Arc Family in cheer by choosing to sponsor them this Holiday Season.

Below, you can view the wish list each family has created. Keep in mind a gift card to HEB, Walmart, Target, or other retail store is always a great choice! Simply choose the family you would like to “Wrap In Cheer” from the list below.

We are accepting unwrapped gifts for these families through Dec. 15th. Please bring your unwrapped gift(s) marked with the Family # to The Arc of San Antonio, 13430 West Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78216. Also, if you would like to donate gift wrapping materials (bags/tissue paper/ribbon/giftwrap) we would greatly appreciate that as well!

If you or your company would like to help in a different way this Holiday Season, please let us know! Contact Jennifer French at jfrench@arc-sa.org or call (210) 490-4300 ext. 104.



 Wish List Family #1

Mom: Favorite color is hot pink! Would love fuzzy winter boots, running shoes, baking supplies, Sally’s beauty supply GC. Shirt (L), Pant (14/16), Shoes (9).  

Girl-19: Favorite color is Red and loves to take care of her car! Would love Autozone and Academy gift cards.  Shirt (S), Pant (3/small), Shoes (7 1/2).

Girl-18: Favorite color is Yellow! Loves Moana and Disney princess items. Needs some new (twin) bedding. Would love fuzzy winter boots (wears leg braces so buckle/lace-up might be best). Shirt (M), Pant (7/8), Shoes (8).

Boy-16: Favorite colors are purple and yellow and loves to play basketball! Huge Lakers fan! Would love gift cards to Gamestop or Academy. Shirt (M), Pant (32), Shoes (10 1/2).

Girl- 15: Favorite color is red and loves to play volleyball! She’s an avid reader and would love a gift card to Barnes & Noble. She would love some new make-up (Ulta) and shoes (Agaci). Shirt (S), Pant (1), Shoes (7).

Family: They would love a Turkey Dinner! In need of a new toaster oven, HEB gift cards, and a sofa for their living room.

Wish List Family #2 

Mom: Loves the color purple and practices cosmetology. Would like hair accessories (clips, hair bands, barrettes), a throw blanket (black or purple) and socks. Shirt (XL), Pant (18), Shoes (9).

Girl-25: Loves the color pink, painting her nails, and making loom bracelets! Would like some Monster High Barbies. Would like a Mannequin head for Cosmetology play and a Walmart Gift Card. Shirt (4x), Skirt (4x), Shoes (8 1/2).

Girl-13: Favorite colors are blue and green, loves to paint nails and play soccer! Needs a new oval hairbrush for thick hair. Has a passion for drawing and would like a sketch pad and wooden drawing pencils. Shirt (Kids L), Pant (16 junior), shoes (6).

Therapy Puppy: Her favorite color is pink and she would like a new collar, dress, and round pet bed.

Family: In need of a new microwave and blender. Would like new bath towels.

Wish List Family #3

Mom: Would love a new (king) bed set, toiletries (shampoo/conditioner/soap/lotion/toothbrush etc) and clothing items. Shirt (XL), Pant (18), Shoes (7).

Dad: Would love some new bath towels and toiletries. Shirt (XL), Pant (36/32), Shoes (10 1/2- 11).

Boy-23: Would like a new sheet set (twin), clothes/shoes. Shirt (XL), Pant (36/32), Shoes (10 1/2-11).

Boy-22: Would like a new sheet set (twin), clothes/shoes. Shirt (XL), Pant (38), Shoes (11).

Girl-17: Loves the color Pink! would like a new bed set (twin) and clothes (jeans/tops). Shirt (M), Pant (12), Shoes (4).

Family: In need of all toiletries, bath towels, a small heater. Would love a queen air mattress with sheets.

Wish List Family #4

Mom: Favorite color is aqua! Shirt (3xl), Pant (3xl), Shoes (10).

Boy-18: Favorite color is grey. Needs clothes/shoes and toiletries. Would love a digital camera and a laptop or tablet. Shirt (XL), Pant (32), Shoes (6 1/2).

Boy-13: Favorite color is orange. Loves legos and playing basketball. Needs clothes/shoes. Shirt (M), Pant (14), Shoes (9 1/2 men).

Boy-12: Favorite color is blue. Needs clothes/shoes, toiletries. Loves video games (XBOX 1) and basketball. Shirt (L), Pant (16), Shoes (9 1/2 men).

Wish List Family #5

Mom: In need of clothes. Would love a Walmart gift card. Shirt (XL), Pant (16).

Boy-30: Favorite color is black. In need of clothes and a new full mattress with sheets (beige). Would love a dvd player. Shirt (XL boys).

Family: In need of a new car battery for a 2003 Mercury Sable. Needs a vacuum and portable heater. Would like new bath towels.

Wish List Family #6

Mom: Loves the color purple! In need of Tshirts and pullovers. Would love restaurant gift cards. Shirt (L).

Dad: Likes the color Black and is a huge NE Patriots fan! Would love restaurant gift cards. Shirt (XL).

Boy-17: Loves the color red! Would like a gift card to the movies or bowling. Shirt (M).

Boy-15: Favorite color is red and loves to go to plays and art exhibits. Would love art supplies and museum passes. Shirt (S).

Boy-15: Favorite color is Blue. Passionate about writing music and would love a guitar! Shirt (S).

Boy-12: Favorite color is Grey. A sports enthusiast who loves the Spurs and the Cowboys! Would love a football and a basketball. Shirt (XL kids).

Wish List Family #7

Mom: Is an enthusiastic penpal and loves to send letters! Would love stationary/stamps, bakeware and baking ingredients, lotion/beauty products. Shirt (XL), Pant (14), Shoes (9).

Dad: Loves crosses. In need of new (queen) sheets. Would like gas gift cards. Shirt (XL), Shorts (42).

Boy-14: Favorite color is black. In need of toiletries and haircut gift cards. Would like martial arts videos, legos, Megablock Halo 3inch figures. Shirt (L boys), Pant (32/32), Shoes (10 1/2).

Boy-12: In need of toiletries. Loves Hotwheels and Legos. Would like nonviolent video games for Nintendo DS Lite.

Wish List Family #8

Participant: Loves the San Antonio Spurs his favorite color is blue! In need of Shirts (XL), Pants (36W), Socks (L), Underwear (L). Shoes (9 1/2).

Wish List Family #9

Mom: Loves the color purple. Loves to do crosswords and puzzles. Would love new throw blankets. Shirt (1xl), Pant (20), Shoes (9).

Dad: Loves the color Blue. In need of new clothes. Shirt (L), Pant (32/33), Shoes (11).

Boy-18: Likes black, grey, red, blue. Loves truck magazines. In need of toiletries and clothing. Would love a tablet. Shirt (XL), Pant (34/34), boxer briefs (xl), shoes (10).

Wish List Family #10

Mom: Favorite color is purple. In need of socks, sweaters, pants, winter gloves and a jacket. Shirt (L), Pants (L), Shoes (9).

Dad: Favorite color is blue. In need of long sleeved shirts, jacket, sweater, socks, gloves. Shirt (L), Pant (38), Shoes (10 1/2).

Boy-19: Loves Captain America and favorite colors are blue and red. In need of PJs, long pants, socks, shirts, jacket. Would like some sensory toys (easy to hold). Shirt (XL), Pant (XL), Shoes (6).

Family: Would love: kitchen towels, gift cards to HEB, Plates, camera, small tv.

Wish List Family #11 

Participant: Loves the UT Longhorns and The Spurs! Would love new hats from his favorite teams. In need of socks and a new jacket. Shirt (M), Socks (L).

Wish List Arc Family #13 

Mom: Favorite colors are Black and Fushia. In need of toiletries. Shirt (L), pant (8), shoes (7 1/2).

Girl-19: Loves purple and pink. In need of toiletries and a new hoodie. Would like art supplies (coloring books, pens, markers, colored pencils). Would like a LaLa Loopsie doll. Shirt (1XL), Pant (16), Shoes (4 youth).



Wish List Family #15

Mom: Favorite color is teal green and loves cheesecake! Would like socks, bath & body products (foot scrub, spa treatments), cheesecake. Shirt (L), Pant (9), Shoes (8).

Dad: Favorite color is dark blue and loves nascar. Would like socks, hot wheels cars to play with son. Shirt (2xl), Pant (46), Shoes (11).

Boy-3: Loves the color red and Paw Patrol! Needs socks, shirts, pants. Wants Paw Patrol action figures, hotwheels, Disney cars. Shirt (4T), Pant (4T), Shoes (11T).

Family: In need of electrical and plumbing assistance. Saving up for behavior/occupational therapies for son. Would love to visit Morgan’s Wonderland, Doseum, Zoo, and other local kid-friendly locales.





Wish List Family #12

Mom: Loves the color red and quilting. Needs a new comforter (King). Would like a sewing machine, earrings, and a couch. Shirt (3x), Pant (38w), Shoes (10 1/2).

Girl-18: Loves to read and her favorite color is purple. In need of new nightgowns and headphones. Would like earrings, books, and a Nintendo DS. Shirt (M), Pant (6), Shoes (7 1/2).

Boy-17: Favorite colors are blue, red, and orange. Loves model trains. Would like puzzles, a model train track set, headphones, Nintendo DS games. Shirt (M), Pant (34/36), Shoes (14).

Girl-15: Favorite color is turquoise. Likes fire trucks. Would like headphones, books, earrings, Nintendo DS games. Shirt (M), Pant (18), Shoes (9).

Girl-10: Loves horses and favorite color is pink. Would love a doll house and a toy horse stable. Loves Hatchimals, reading, and American girl dolls. Shirt (M girls), Pant (12 girls), Shoes (5 girls).

Family: In need of new bath towels, pillows, and comforters (King x 1, twin x 4). Would love a Christmas dinner and card games for the family. In need of a new washing machine.

Wish List Family #14

Mom: Favorite color is black. In need of underclothes, toiletries, a new pillow and comforter (queen). Would like household cleaning and décor items. Shirt (M), Pant (M), Shoes (4 women).

Girl-8: Loves Pink and Purple. Loves Disney movies, legos and doing her hair. In need of underclothes (16 girls), toiletries, a new pillow and comforter (queen). Shirt (xs adult), pant (xs adult- stretchy only), shoes (6 youth).

Wish List Family #16

Mom: Loves the color purple. Needs new pots and pans. Would like an HEB gift card and Dolce Gabbana perfume. Shirt (L), Pant (16), Shoes (8 1/2).

Boy-9: Loves The Spurs! Needs new tennis shoes. Would love a two-wheel bike and PS3 games. Shirt (18 boys), Pant (18 boys), Shoes (5 1/2).




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